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Best Songwriter Minneapolis 2011 - Jeremy Messersmith

If you'd somehow overlooked Jeremy Messersmith's growing output of brilliantly written pop songs before, The Reluctant Graveyard made it impossible not to take notice. The bespectacled singer with the sugar-sweet tenor delivered his most irresistible songs yet with his third record, diving head-first into the pleasures of jangling '60s pop, from tightly wound but danceable melodies to sunny, singsong choruses to beautifully soaring climaxes. But if Messersmith's work as a composer was revelatory, his subtle talents as a lyricist remain front and center. His ability to weave the happiness, humor, and heartaches of a person's life into a three-minute vignette is nothing short of breathtaking. Never mind all the death; The Reluctant Graveyard was a lively celebration of a vitally fresh and compelling artist coming fully into his own.

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Thanks, City Pages! Wanted to let everyone know that Jeremy Messersmith's work can be seen on this edition of Minnesota Original: Messersmith performs live at the Cedar Cultural Center.


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