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Best Place to Get Lost Minneapolis 2011 - Crosby Farm Park

Crosby Farm Park

2500 Mississippi River Blvd.

St. Paul, MN 55015


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Some days, all you want to do is disappear into the serenity of nature, to reemerge with your soul recharged and chi rebalanced. Our favorite place to get both lost and found is Crosby Farm Park, a working farm until the 1960s and now the largest of St. Paul's parks, with 736 acres of land and close to seven miles of paved trails. Explore the ravines, meadows, marshes, and woods, wandering without any plan along the Mississippi River close to the Highland Park neighborhood. With this much acreage, the park seems always nearly empty, a great escape to cross-country ski, walk the dog, picnic, bike, or just zone out and enjoy the scenery. Inhale the lovely fresh air, enjoy the sights and sounds of birds chirping, leaves falling, water glinting in the sun. Relish the feeling of being in the country while still in the city. Enjoy the freedom of ambling along—getting lost is half the fun—never knowing what beauty lies around the corner.

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