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Best Picnic Spot Minneapolis 2011 - Boom Island Park

Boom Island Park

Boom Island Park

724 Sibley St. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


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There's no more idyllic spot to plant your picnic basket and bottle of wine than the shaded bluff where Boom Island nearly kisses its neighbor, Nicollet Island. There are two ways to get there. For the more adventurous route, follow East Island Avenue toward the island's northern edge and park. You'll see stairs leading down to a bridge connecting Nicollet and Boom islands. Walk across and follow the path toward the left, and you'll come to a lovely, hidden spot overlooking the Mississippi. Alternatively, park on Main Street near Fifth Avenue Northeast and walk down to Boom Island (it's not really an island) to reach the same hidden gem. In the spring and summer's heat, this location is surprisingly deserted—except for a few tourists who might zip by on Segways.

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