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Best New Restaurant Minneapolis 2011 - Heidi's - CLOSED



2903 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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No, you're not experiencing déjà vu: Heidi's is having its second stint as the Twin Cities' Best New Restaurant. The eatery's impressive first incarnation, named after chef-owner Stewart Woodman's wife and culinary partner, Heidi, burned to the ground last year. But the tragedy had a silver lining, as the restaurant has relocated to hipper digs that seem to suit it even better. Now there's a spacious bar, where you can have a cocktail and watch the mechanics of the kitchen through a long glass window. There's more space in the main dining room, which is dark and dramatically lit, and feels nearly like an urban streetscape stage set with cutting-edge artwork. The food is as good as ever—daring flavors, visually arresting platings—and still affordably priced. A chic entrée of barramundi served Napoleon-style with pickled eggplant, black olives, and lobster will set you back just $20. At Heidi's, the proof is in the liquid nitrogen-frozen chocolate mousse: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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Best craft bartender in the Cities. Science, not mad science. Where did Johnny Michaels study chemistry and microbiology? Pip Hansen? Who? And the food tops anything in the city. Whether you choose an intelligent cocktail pairing or follow the bartender or Sommelier's recs, you won't be unhappy.


The food was really fine. Dishes verywell prepared. The wine list is difficult to negotiate with selections combined into one list. Would suggest more definition which would make selection much easier. Also , would appreciate inclusion of some carafes on wine menu. The bread, while well chosen from Turtle Bread (also served at Meritage), was sliced much too thinly and was dried out, even though I am sure it was fresh from that day. When any bread is sliced too thin, it can become dry in an hour.The wait persons were quite attentive . A little too much ceremony from gentleman in dark formal wear. unneccesary in your place. Overall, a very worthwhile meal last Thursday, June 2nd on my birthday.

Lucy Hartwell
Lucy Hartwell

We had another delicious dinner at your wonderful restaurant last night !

Our waitress promised to write down the names of the delicious chardonnay from Adelaide and the House Pinot Noir and we forgot to ask her again before we left . Any chance you could e-mail those to me at mups12@gmail. com ?

Thanks so much for a great evening !!

jim smart
jim smart

A great choice for Best New Restaurant! A truly amazing experience on all levels, but if you really want to change your life, try their 9 course tasting menu! Wow!


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