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Best Local Music Broadcast Minneapolis 2011 - Radio K's Off the Record

Radio K\'s Off the Record

Radio K's Off the Record

330 21st Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55455


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Tune into Radio K on a Friday afternoon and one thing's for certain: The hosts of the station's all-local program, Off the Record, have the bug. Co-host Andrew LaValle is no casual music fan; he's the kind of music obsessive who can be seen roaming the clubs nearly every night of the week, harassing up-and-coming bands to send him unreleased demos to debut on his show. The resulting program is a vast cross-section of what's happening right now in the Cities, an amalgam of established and lesser-known artists that's heavily into those looking to try something a little different. There's no hype, there's no fawning—just good music, both recorded and live, plus interviews with some of the creators and innovators who are making our music community tick. Like a zine for the airwaves, Off the Record is helping to uncover and document the wealth of talent in our own backyard.

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Yeah, yeah! Big ups to Zach!

Pale Ale Dale
Pale Ale Dale

Awww no love for Zach the other "Co host" who also works for the K's Culture Q show and the U's Wake paper. The impressive thing is they do all this stuff for OTR and are full time students. Keep up the great work boys.


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