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Best Liquor Store Minneapolis 2011 - Chicago Lake Liquors

Chicago Lake Liquors

Chicago Lake Liquors

825 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Chicago Lake Liquors isn't necessarily the kind of place you would take your beau for a tasting of organic Nero d'Avolas. For one thing, they don't even have tastings. If fancy-pants vintage one-upmanship is your game, this may not be your joint. What Chicago Lake Liquors is good for is beer, cheap liquor, and people-watching. It's Minnesota's largest retailer of Summit, and it's got hundreds of other varieties of beer available, including a great range of regional craft beers. It's also got a wide variety of single-malt scotch. And what it may lack in offerings for sophisticated oenophiles, it makes up for on the other end of the spectrum: It boasts one of the most impressive collections of low-end fortified wines you could hope to find. Green Apple Cisco? They've got it.

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