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Best Greek Restaurant Minneapolis 2011 - Christos Greek Restaurant

Christos Greek Restaurant

Christos Greek Restaurant

2632 Nicollet Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Saganaki, the Greek kasseri cheese dish that comes complete with a waiter ready to light a flame and melt it tableside, is the show pony of any Greek restaurant. Conversely, the avgolemono soup—a creamy egg-and-lemon concoction that is just as pervasive as saganaki—is the workhorse, the dish that comes with almost everything you order. And at Christos Greek Restaurant, both the flashy and the faithful offer strong, traditional flavors to Mediterranean devotees. A hearty lunch of robust spanakopita or Greek hash won't even come near to costing $10, and dinner entrées are extravagant: Think lamb shank with a caramelized onion-dill sauce or skewered pork tenderloin. Vegetarians also have plenty to choose from here, like the refreshing dolmathes (chilled grape leaves stuffed with herbed rice and doused with lemon and olive oil), which make the perfect finger food. The bright, sprawling Nicollet space has enough room for groups to dine or for couples to grab a corner and spoon-feed each other buttery baklava.

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