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Best Food at Target Field Minneapolis 2011 - Vincent Burger

Vincent Burger

Vincent Burger

1 Twins Way

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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The Vincent Burger is not your average burger—and it's certainly not your average frozen-patty ballpark burger. It comes with a surprise double whammy: smoked gouda and braised short-rib meat (slow cooked and tender) stuffed into top ground sirloin, which is then charred to perfection and plopped into a squishy, egg-bread bun. Don't even think about dipping this beauty into one of those tiny paper cups of ketchup or mustard. It comes with a finer, more French accoutrement: mayonnaise laced with minced cornichon and sherry vinegar. We didn't think it could be done, but it looks like the ballpark hot dog has finally met its match.

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I was extremely disappointed in the Vincent burger - it appeared almost immediately, obviously prepared and reheated (but inexplicably, not warm - the smoked gouda wasn't even melted!), and way overpriced at $14. The accompanying garlic fries were anemic and boring. When at Target Field, I say skip the Vincent burger and get a hot dog. Save 'cuisine' for a more suitable venue.


The thing that gets me about this is that it is delicious, but there is only one place that you can get it at target field (at least the last time I was there on the first weekend of games). Now you can only get it at the bar in the left field corner on the second level, and it takes forever to get it.


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