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Best Craft Beer Store Minneapolis 2011 - Blue Max Liquors

Blue Max Liquors

Blue Max Liquors

14640 10th Ave. S.

Burnsville, MN 55337


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Located next to a nondescript strip mall just off Interstate 35W in Burnsville, Blue Max seems an unlikely place to house one of the Cities' greatest selections of craft and micro brews. The store carries roughly 1,100 kinds of beer, mind-boggling in its variety, organized by country and with strong regional representation. Much of the inventory is in coolers, important for the freshness factor. Allow yourself some time when visiting the store: You'll need it to look through all the choices. Recent finds: BrewDog Paradox, a stout aged in Scotch whisky barrels; Mikeller from Denmark, unique in the way they guest-brew at other people's breweries; plus many rare, small batches like Odell's Friek, a single run Kriek Lambic blend. The extra-friendly staff is always willing to help, offering great suggestions with patience for the novice. Build your own six-pack or grab a magnum or mini-keg for a party or holiday. Even your biggest beer-snob friends will be impressed. The store's very nice selection of Scotch is an added bonus.

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I've been to Blue Max and the Jim guy who is the "beer expert" is a tool


Now don't get me wrong. I love Blue Max. But have you been to Four Firkins??? Sorry folks not a contest. Four Firkins is the BEST BEST BEST Craft Beer Store.


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