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Best Corner Minneapolis 2011 - University Avenue and 13th Avenue Northeast

University Avenue and 13th Avenue Northeast

331 13th Ave. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

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In a perfect world, the perfect corner has someplace to eat, someplace to drink, someplace to buy a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, and someplace to get a coffee. Three out of four ain't bad. Within the space of a few square meters, visitors to this Northeast Minneapolis stronghold can get a cup of joe and plate of eggs at Modern Cafe, a steak dinner at Erte or Northeast Social, and just good and soused at the 331. If we get generous with the boundaries of a "corner," only a short skip down the street there's plenty of browsing to be done at Shuga Records, Behind Bars Bicycle Shop, and Fried Bologna Vintage, not to mention a fresh packet of fish 'n' chips at Anchor. Even without the old corner store, it's easy to blow an entire day shopping, eating, and drinking local, all within a few short steps.

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There is Synters a few blocks away to get your groceries (loaf of bread and milk) ;) Love my neighborhood!


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