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Best Comedy (Theater) Minneapolis 2011 - The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Mixed Blood Theatre)

Pro wrestling seems like a perfect target for a comedy. After all, the adventures of overmuscled, heavily greased men in tight, colorful costumes—produced for straight men, by the way—is funny enough on its own without any outside spoofing. Still, the best comedy comes from deep knowledge and, very often, a love of the material being spoofed. Playwright Kristoffer Diaz obviously loves professional wrestling, but he can also see how this super-sized sport is a fine way to look at issues of race. After all, the play is narrated by a Latino wrestler, who tells the story of an African-American champion and a talented Indian who, in the way of professional wrestling, gets transformed into a Middle Eastern radical. A terrific cast and staging used the intimate Mixed Blood Theatre to full effect, producing a piece that was both terrific fun and had something to say.

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