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Best Cocktails Minneapolis 2011 - Bradstreet Craftshouse - CLOSED

Bradstreet Craftshouse

Bradstreet Craftshouse

601 First Ave. N.

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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"Organaleptic": something that hits all five senses. It's a term that Bradstreet mixologist Toby Maloney lives and dies by. When patrons order a cocktail at this posh downtown hot spot, it's prepared with an intensity and levity rarely seen in the Twin Cities. The menu features some classics—whiskey smash, dark and stormy, Negroni—but is mostly composed of original treats. Ingredients include house-made bitters and syrups, added with precision (we're talking pipettes and eyedroppers here), and five types of ice, including the Kold Draft ice, an orb that stays 40 percent cooler than regular ice. Add a little fire or some mint smacking to the final presentation and you should find all of your senses pleasantly buzzing.

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