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Best Coach Minneapolis 2011 - Ron Gardenhire

Ron Gardenhire

Ron Gardenhire

1 Twins Way

Minneapolis, MN 55403


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Let's not beat around the bush: A certain vocal portion of Twins fans are never going to be entirely happy with Ron Gardenhire until he brings home a world championship. His bullpen usage will always be second-guessed, his tendency to jaw-jack with umpires will get a few cynical eye rolls, and even this year's Punto-free roster doesn't guarantee that Gardy won't get hectored for leaning on light-hitting, utility-grade infielders. But this Twins team, now more than ever, requires a careful chemistry to make all the right things happen. In following up his 2010 Manager of the Year-winning season, Gardy is going to be in charge of a returning adopted fan favorite battling age on the way to his 600th home run, a Japanese phenom adjusting to the majors with two dozen reporters tracking his every move, the careful balancing act of an overstocked starting rotation and a short-handed relief corps, a top-caliber powerhouse teetering back from the brink of a career-jeopardizing concussion, and the great expectations of the current franchise icon living up to the blockbuster contract that kicks in this year. And he'll have to do it with Chicago and Detroit throwing the whole "weak division" argument out the window. If you need somebody to hold the clubhouse together and take the AL Central under those conditions, why not put your faith in the man who's made it his calling card?

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Ah yes. The best. For the players. Because they tell him what to do and what they are going to do. Gardie, get some stones and tell your team to either play or give back some of that money. I've never seen such a group of lazy, poor excused professional atheletes in my life. The Wolves haven't been good for years, but they come out and play every game. They don't complain about "getting loose" or "leg soreness." But then again, if I could call my boss and tell her my legs were sore and I could get out of work I'd be all over it.


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