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Best Cheap Eats Minneapolis 2011 - La Loma Tomales

La Loma Tomales

La Loma Tomales

920 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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So you're hungry but have a budget of $3. There's no need to hit up that vending machine or fast-food drive-thru: La Loma serves up something that hits the spot, not the gut. For a mere $2.25 you can grab a satisfying treat. Choose from meat options like chicken, pork, and mole sauce (nuts, chocolate, and chiles) or veggie options like sweet corn, pineapple, and veggies and cheese. Not only will you be filled but your wallet won't be empty, and your belly will be thankful you didn't resort to another "Mac attack."

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Great post...thanks for the reminder to blog about the everyday things that people want to read. As a real estate agent, I too struggle with what to blog about. Thanks!


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