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Best Caribbean Restaurant Minneapolis 2011 - Caribe Caribbean Bistro - CLOSED

Caribe Caribbean Bistro

Caribe Caribbean Bistro

791 Raymond Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55114


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The signature street food of Trinidad and Tobago, doubles takes its name from two pieces of puffy fry bread, which are pinched together into a pocket and filled with a spicy chickpea mixture. And the ones served at Caribe Caribbean Bistro are laden with both flavor and heft. (One of the golden-hued pies makes a hearty snack; two, an entire, utensil-free meal.) Caribe's chef-owner Tony Panelli, a native of Puerto Rico, cooks dishes from all across the islands: grilled shrimp with a pepper-rum glaze, plantain-crusted mahi mahi, and even a ground-beef-and-green-beans, island-style casserole known as piñon. But he also fuses Caribbean flavors with Continental dishes, including a breakfast favorite of eggs Benedict with cumin-studded roti, sweet potatoes, chana, and Creole-spiced hollandaise. Dining at Caribe is a welcome vacation from American comfort fare, so gaze at the colorful, oceanic mural painted on the wall and pretend you've been transported to tropical paradise.

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