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Best Boxer Minneapolis 2011 - Jason Litzau

In Minnesota's burgeoning boxing scene, no fighter has made a bigger connection than St. Paul's Litzau (28-2). In November 2010, "the All-American Boy" further earned his stripes on the national stage by putting stars in the eyes of former WBA and IBF super bantamweight world champ Celestino Caballero at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Litzau was a 13-to-1 underdog in that bout, and the win was so respected by the pugilist set that it was recognized as "Upset of the Year" by Ring magazine. Now recognized as the number-one super featherweight (130 pounds) in the country and number four in the world by the respected rankings at, the 27-year-old Litzau has been a man searching for an opponent of late. He has yet to debut in '11, namely because quality opponents are now wary of facing him. Such is boxing. It has also been more than two years since he has dueled in his home state, and while it will prove a challenge for local promoters to mirror the kind of dollars he's getting at West Coast venues, the Twin Cities ring community can hope Litzau's delays will open an opportunity for him to fight here while in his prime.

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Woooh' that amazing, this gonna be something

Gary Brandenburg
Gary Brandenburg

I manage boxers in Michigan and never really liked the Litzau attitude (outside of the ring) but to read his past, I now understand. I respect his Ballsy-Attitude and punching power but must not lead with his chin or it is Goodnight Irene. His whiskers do not stand up for his willingness to trade BUT he doesn't back down and that is a Champ to me. I raised my daughter as a single parent, not easy for anyone and remember Jason, you said your children are always number one, never let that change, rich or poor..........Always be a Champ to them as the pay-off later (and the memories) are worth far more than any world title, not in a monetary sence but in the heart, where it really counts. You can write a check on that one...........


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