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Best Bookstore (Used) Minneapolis 2011 - Midway Books

Midway Books

Midway Books

1579 University Ave. W.

St. Paul, MN 55104


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When you're looking for the right used bookstore, the rules about finding the latest bestseller or today's daily pretty much go out the window. Sure, when you go to a place like Midway, you'll find that old hardcover copy of For Whom the Bell Tolls or whatever other classic piece of literature you might desire, but the true pleasure of browsing a used store is in finding the rarities, the oddities, and the just plain weird. (How about that book on medieval swords you never knew you wanted?) On those fronts, it's hard to beat this mom-and-pop shop, which has been a staple at the corner of University and Snelling for over 45 years. There are no frills here like author readings or, say, bathrooms—just three floors of books that can easily pull you in for hours with unexpected surprises. One of the best parts about Midway is its stash of magazines and comic books, where you can find a copy of Life from the 1930s, a Rockwell-era edition of the Saturday Evening Post, or an original-run Uncanny X-Men.

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