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Best Barbecue Minneapolis 2011 - Big Daddy's

Big Daddy\'s

Big Daddy's

609 University Ave. W.

St. Paul, MN 55103


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Who's your daddy? Twin Citians are lucky enough to have three—Ron Whyte, Bob Edmond, and Gene Sampson, owners of Big Daddy's BBQ in the heart of Frogtown. The daddies, who call themselves "barbecue scientists," practice traditional smokehouse barbecue, using hickory wood. The wood fire is kept in a separate compartment from the meat, and the heat and smoke are vented in so that the meat takes on the flavor of the wood. The daddies split hairs, moving the wood forward and backward ever so slightly to achieve the perfect flavor. Despite this time-intensive care, Big Daddy's is a virtual steal. You can walk away with a Shipload of Rib Tips (three pounds) for $18.50 and a whole chicken for $13. The menu is limited to pork ribs, pork rib tips, pulled pork sandwiches, beef ribs, and chicken, but each item is a culinary home run—tender, mouthwatering, and tangy. Sides include the basics: potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and collard greens, and for dessert there's cake—lemon or chocolate. Sauce also comes on the side. "The only time you put sauce on the meat is to cover up a mistake," say the daddies.

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Just an fyi the address listed for Big Daddy's BBQ is an old address. The new address: 625 University AveSt. Paul, MN 55104.Phone# 651-222-2516

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Bobbi Esping
Bobbi Esping

Congratulations, you guys!!! Big Daddy's Old-Fashioned BBQ is second to none. You FAIL if you love good BBQ, and you've never been to Big Daddy's.


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