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Best Art Gallery Minneapolis 2011 - Cult Status Gallery - CLOSED

Cult Status Gallery

Cult Status Gallery

2913 Harriet Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Last spring Cult Status faced controversy when building tenants complained anonymously about a mural the gallery commissioned from graffiti artist Deuce Seven. While the artwork was eventually painted over, that hasn't slowed down or deterred gallery owner Erin Sayer from putting together a prolific and diverse series of gallery shows, art happenings, and parties. In 2010, the space hosted a variety of shows featuring themes such as horror movie posters for made-up flicks, lowbrow art, work from Duluth, and pieces celebrating iconic celebrities. This year appears to be no different for the space, as its calendar has been filled with art parties, including a V-Day celebration, a benefit for an animal-rescue organization, and a two-day folk art show featuring a human-size birdhouse.

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Quentin Hesch
Quentin Hesch

Not a comment?! W_T_F? Erin Sayer is a wonderful artist and is extremely supportive within the community. A belief in artistic expression is rare and we must salute such passion! Kudos to Cult Status!!


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