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Best Animal Hospital Minneapolis 2011 - Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Blue Cross Animal Hospital

5328 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55419


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As anyone who has ever had a sick pet can tell you, animal hospitals can be pretty scary places. You want professionals who are thorough and well educated but who also genuinely care about the well-being of your pet. The crew at Blue Cross Animal Hospital are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely sensitive to your concerns as a pet owner. Pricewise, the Blue Cross Animal Hospital is a great value and will never jump to the "worst-case scenario" just to sell you on a bunch of high-priced or potentially unnecessary tests and medications. Most important, the staff treats every animal like it's their own, giving you the peace of mind you want when your pet is in need.

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bills8091 topcommenter

I have had good experiences with all the animal hospitals I have gone to. I have been fortunate that way. I have owned several animals over the years and I have taken a couple of them to hospitals. I'm glad that they are hospitals out there whose first priority is to take car of the injured animal.


I have a friend the has a cat that had cancer. I feel so bad for their family. they are going through a really rough time with it and Im so glad they have a good animal hospital to. and these doctors at <a href="">animal hospital st paul mn</a>. look like they know there stuff. check them out.

Katherine Iber
Katherine Iber

CP reviews all sorts of categories for their "Best Of", some obviously just to make us laugh, or read on out of sheer curiosity ("Best Bathroom Graffiti, Place to Break Up", etc). When it comes to best vets? Much more personal. Smokey, the first cat I had since moving out of my mom's at 18 suddenly stopped eating when my ex and I broke up and he moved out. Apparently I assumed she was still eating her dry food for a bit too long because when I did finally bring her to City Cat Clinic in nearby Saint Louis Park, where she had previously been getting checkups and so forth, they told me the only answer to her condition (and with a 90% chance of saving her) was an $1100 feeding tube inserted directly into her esophagus. (There are a lot more details, of course why they thought she stopped eating only became clear to me when I had her records transferred.) Nothing worked. My new boyfriend, not even a "cat person" until now, stayed home for over two weeks feeding her exactly according to regimen. Her condition still worsened, and I brought her back into City Cat to evaluate her. They said she needed to be put down, an answer that didn't surprise me. The problem: they needed money up front. I had given them a check for upwards of $1100 dollars a week before, cleared no problem. The problem was that payment pretty much ate up my savings (I work at a grocery store) and I couldn't make another payment of close to $400 for the evaluation and cost of putting her down. I had to take her, suffering beyond belief, back home to decide what to do. I decided to try "the place across the street from my work" at my boyfriend's suggestion. That was Blue Cross. I called to see if I could get in, as it appeared to be an emergency, and they had me in that day. When I got there, I explained the reason I had come to them out of nowhere (couldn't make an upfront payment for euthanasia and wasn't totally sure that's what she needed). The vet I dealt with, Kristi Flynn, is my hero. She did conclude that Smokey needed to be put down (her temperature was decreasing to levels that suggested she wasn't living much longer anyway without immense suffering), but had no problem putting me on a payment plan of some sort. Just as you guys at CP suggested, she seemed as upset about the outcome as we did and even let us take time for a cigarette while I tried to call my ex to offer one last chance to see her. Blue Cross came through for me with flying colors, I didn't know such compassionate vet care existed until I walked in there. Good job, City Pages, on naming the best, the best.


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