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Best Actor Minneapolis 2011 - Stephen Yoakam

A strong presence for decades in the Twin Cities, Stephen Yoakam gave a spellbinding performance in the Jungle Theater's production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf last season. Through the decades prior to the action, the characters in Edward Albee's play had built a prison for themselves based on lies and bitterness. Often, George comes off as the lesser participant in the "fun and games," but Yoakam was more than able to hold his own against his Martha (Michelle Barber). Viewers aren't really meant to feel anything but relief that they aren't trapped with these people forever, but Yoakam shows us that there's still some fight left in George, even if it's buried beneath layers of booze, neglect, and cynicism.

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Congratulations to Steve!  I hope I have a chance to see him perform sometime.  Last time I saw him was at Camp Eberhart in either 1972 or 1973.


I have known Steve for years and have had the opportunity to experience several bodies of his work. I am so excited that he is being recognized for the true talent he is. Great work and continued success.


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