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    Joe Mauer

    Only two players in major league baseball history have led the league in batting average, slugging, and on-base percentage, while also earning an MVP award, Gold Glove, and All-Star team spot in the same season. One of them was Carl Yastrzemski back in 1967, when the Hall of Fame outfielder notched baseball's last Triple Crown season for the American League… More >>

    Brett Favre

    While picking the winner of this category wasn't as agonizing as watching the NFC title game against the Saints—having your toenails pulled out with a grapefruit knife might be less agonizing—the choice sure as hell wasn't easy. Adrian Peterson kept up his unreal "human cheat code" routine, Sidney Rice caught passes as if his hands were magnets, Percy Harvin's rookie… More >>

    Mikko Koivu

    Though the Wild have had a middling year, the team has several standout players—reliable goaltender Niklas Bäckström, hard-hitting fan favorite Cal Clutterbuck, and talented new addition Martin Havlát—but the squad's leader is undeniably Mikko Koivu. Management made as much clear this season by naming him the Wild's first permanent team captain, an honor the relatively young Finnish center absolutely deserves.… More >>

    Kevin Love

    We expected to give this one to Al Jefferson. We really did. Alas, Big Al has fallen off a bit from last season, a decline that coincided with Kevin Love's marked improvement from last year. The former UCLA standout's greatest strength continues to be on the glass—his 4.2 offensive rebounds a game is second in the league. The foundation of… More >>

    Seimone Augustus

    Blessed with length, athleticism, and off-the-ball footwork that puts most NBAers to shame, Seimone Augustus can get her points whenever, however—and against whomever—she wants. The only thing that could stop the six-footer last season was a torn ACL. But before the injury she was leading the WNBA in scoring at 21 points per contest. It doesn't hurt that she's a… More >>

    Callum Crawford

    It's been an odd season for the Minnesota Swarm. They're in the middle of the standings, yet they have impressive goal-scorers and goaltenders. The joy of indoor lacrosse is the high-energy, almost frenetic offense. Goals are scored often and usually in exciting ways, but you have to pay attention to see them develop. Ottawa native Callum Crawford has been providing… More >>

    Eric Decker, Gopher wide receiver

    If you go by the dictionary definition of athlete—"a person possessing traits that are necessary for physical exercise or sports" (notice the plural on sports)—you have given the nod to Eric Decker, a professional-caliber player in both football and baseball. Despite missing the bulk of last season with a sprained ankle, the University of Minnesota wide receiver captured All Big… More >>

    Kurt Rambis

    We know what you're thinking—"What? The Timberwolves just sleepwalked through one of the losingest seasons in the franchise's sad history! Did he pay you guys off?"—but we're absolutely serious. Even the most casual basketball fan can see that the Timberwolves' woes stem not from want of leadership but want of talent. Last summer saw Kurt Rambis, longtime Phil Jackson understudy… More >>

    Cedar Lake, Minneapolis

    The Twin Cities is blessed with a multitude of places to run, and they are often well populated, especially in the warmer months. One off-the-beaten-path treasure is Cedar Lake. Just north of Calhoun and west of Isles, this hidden gem is typically free of the flocks that descend on the city's better-known running paths come summer. The best part of… More >>

    Swede Hollow Park, St. Paul

    While there are many great places to hike in the city, none has a more interesting history than Swede Hollow Park. From the early 1900s to the 1950s, Swede Hollow was a small immigrant community, full of rustic shanties, just below the Hamm's Brewery on Dayton's Bluff. After the city condemned and burned down the houses in 1956, the area… More >>

    Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

    Minneapolis has the best urban bike trail system in the United States. Portland, Oregon, go suck a spoke! Cyclists can spend a weekend pedaling through the city without a single automobile honking at them. And while trips around Lake Calhoun are a part of any successful summertime spin for shirtless singles looking for sex, the 2.99 miles of Lake Harriet… More >>

    Hidden Beach

    The word is out, and has been for some time. Hidden Beach, once a counterculture oasis where one could smoke/toke/joke the day away, barely lives up to its name anymore. But so what? The not-so-eponymous, secluded waterfront on Cedar Lake's northeast side, more than any other lakeshore in the Twin Cities, functions exactly as a beach should: a place to… More >>

    Hidden Greens Golf Course

    While it's true that a few courses may be nicer to play than Hidden Greens—including the Legends Golf Club (Prior Lake), Rush Creek (Maple Grove), and StoneRidge (Stillwater)—none of them can present the sweet swing of value that this Hastings gem offers. A round at any of those other public tracks can cost at least $95 with a cart, but… More >>
  • Best Public Nine-Hole Golf Course

    Fort Snelling Golf Course

    Golfers looking for a nine-hole course are usually hoping to get in a quick round, one that has all the fun of a full 18-hole course but won't take the better part of a day. For that, nothing beats Fort Snelling Golf Course. Its nine holes vary in pars—mostly fours, with a couple of threes and an exciting five thrown… More >>

    The Jewel Golf Club

    Taking a drive with your honey or a day trip with your crew is always sweeter when the journey complements the destination. A 75-minute drive to Lake City offers the best of both. When the bluff terrain replaces the city clamor, you're well on your way to the "birthplace of waterskiing." Lake Pepin offers myriad options for fishing, boating, hiking,… More >>

    CorePower Yoga

    Yoga enthusiasts can be very particular when it comes to choosing the right studio. For many, yoga is a time to bond with longtime friends and acquaintances while strengthening their bodies and minds. But what if you're new to the yoga world? Where can you go where you won't feel overwhelmed or out of place? CorePower Yoga, the fast-growing chain… More >>


    It may be tucked into a Burnsville strip mall, but Shooters is without question a pool palace. The 22-year-old billiards club boasts 64 tables, and it's open 365 days a year from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m., so there's rarely a waking hour when you can't get in a game. Plus, this is no dingy pool hall. The clean and… More >>

    Lake of the Isles

    The Olympics proved that ice skating is about both beauty and brawn. While figure skater Johnny Weir fox-furred us into a frenzy, Team USA's Zach Parise clocked in a game-tying goal with seconds left in the third to turn a great gold-medal hockey game into a legendary one. In the Twin Cities, where ice is a birthright, the Lake of… More >>


    Lutsen may never host the winter Olympics, but it remains a Minnesota ski bunny's best option for surfing the white stuff without breaking the bank. So what if it's no Whistler? Who needs all those French skiers with their tight pants and exotic accents? Hmm...anyway, Lutsen offers Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh and dog sled rides, and one of the most… More >>

    Town and Country Club

    Sledding is the ultimate winter sport in the Twin Cities, but perfect sliding days only come a couple of times a year—the days that are warm enough to tolerate but cold enough to keep you sweat-free as you trek up the hills. The snow cover has to be just right: not too wet and well packed for ultimate speed. When… More >>

    Meeker Island historic site

    Looking for a beautiful and secluded picnic site just feet from the gently lapping waters of the Mississippi? Grab a pen. First, locate yourself at the east end of the Franklin Avenue bridge near the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Next, travel south by car or bike exactly one mile along East River Parkway. Just past the city limits,… More >>

    Park Tavern

    All good bowling alleys share a few key elements: plenty of lanes, cheap beer, and mind-blowing cosmic effects, to name a few. But when it comes to great bowling alleys, a few things set the Park Tavern above the rest, like year-round leagues, multiple bars, and a video jukebox. Let that sink in. Video jukebox. At the Park Tavern, you… More >>


    If you're looking for a couple beers to kick off your visit to the Twins' new home at Target Field, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the nightclub-style bars along First Avenue. Avoid the downtown mess and venture into the Warehouse District. A trip to Cuzzy's won't disappoint. It's a classic hole-in-the-wall dive bar just blocks down Fifth Avenue… More >>

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