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BEST YOGA Minneapolis 2010 - CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga

501 S. Washington Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55415


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Yoga enthusiasts can be very particular when it comes to choosing the right studio. For many, yoga is a time to bond with longtime friends and acquaintances while strengthening their bodies and minds. But what if you're new to the yoga world? Where can you go where you won't feel overwhelmed or out of place? CorePower Yoga, the fast-growing chain of yoga studios with locations all over the Twin Cities, is the perfect place for yoga newbies and experienced yogis alike. Best of all, CorePower has no contracts, making it far less threatening for anyone new to yoga. For added value, its website features blogs, podcasts, and other information. Yoga might not be an activity that's right for everyone, but CorePower lets you decide for yourself.

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