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BEST TACO Minneapolis 2010 - Carne asada from Los Ocampo

Carne asada from Los Ocampo

Carne asada from Los Ocampo

920 E. Lake St.

Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Think of a tortilla as a hand, and all the meat and onion and cilantro and salsa held inside it as a bouquet of protein, flavor, and spice. See, eating tacos is sort of like getting flowers, and it's spring every day at Los Ocampo. The taqueria makes the freshest, most vibrant tacos around. Don't worry, you can work your way up to tongue and tripe. For perfection, there's no need to even venture beyond the basics. The asada, ordered "Mexican-style," comes with a tight little pile of grilled steak, diced onion, and a bunch of bright-green cilantro resting cutely atop two soft, warm corn tortillas, flanked by lime wedges and a little spray of thinly sliced radishes. Don't forget the salsa. Tacos come with a bright, acidic, red chile salsa and a deceptively hot green tomatillo salsa that looks as unthreatening as a Shamrock Shake, but watch out! Neglecting these guys would be like watching Avatar without the 3-D glasses. Arrange them with some onions and, look, it's a Mexican flag!

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