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BEST STRIP CLUB LUNCH Minneapolis 2010 - Schieks Palace Royale

Schieks Palace Royale

Schieks Palace Royale

115 S. 4th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55401


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Let's say you're a gentlemen looking to spice up your dull lunchtime routine. Where can you go? Well, how about a strip club? Not only that, but a club with one of the best values in town for a midweek nooner. Schieks offers a delicious "5 for $5" menu Monday through Friday, with five lunch items that include filet mignon, prime rib, and fish and chips for just $5 each. Plus, as anyone who has been to a strip club for lunch can tell you, the girls are usually far more approachable due to the smaller crowd, giving you even more for your money. The classy atmosphere, hot women, and fish and chips make Schieks the right place to get your afternoon grub and grind on.

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