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BEST SCIENCE-FICTION BOOKSTORE Minneapolis 2010 - Dreamhaven Books & Comics

Dreamhaven Books & Comics

Dreamhaven Books & Comics

2301 East 38th St.

Minneapolis, MN 55406


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After decades of operation, multiple locations, and changes in emphasis, Dreamhaven soldiers on. The key to the bookstore's continued survival—no, evolution—is owner Greg Ketter's ability to follow his own passions and let the audience for those passions find him. As it always has, Dreamhaven caters to the genre fan, from racks of recent science-fiction and fantasy paperbacks to limited-edition hardcovers to rarities past and present. It doesn't hurt that Dreamhaven is Neil Gaiman's sort-of unofficial home, with plenty of signed copies and other rarities from the author. Though his store is mainly a one-man operation now, Ketter knows his science fiction (and horror, and pulp, and comics...) making an in-person visit always worthwhile. If you're not feeling social, an extensive website will help you unearth finds like that rare A.E. Van Vogt book you just have to have.

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