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Best Public Nine-Hole Golf Course Minneapolis 2010 - Fort Snelling Golf Course

Fort Snelling Golf Course

Fort Snelling Golf Course

6399 Fort Snelling Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55111


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Golfers looking for a nine-hole course are usually hoping to get in a quick round, one that has all the fun of a full 18-hole course but won't take the better part of a day. For that, nothing beats Fort Snelling Golf Course. Its nine holes vary in pars—mostly fours, with a couple of threes and an exciting five thrown in for variety—making it just challenging enough for the average (and by that we mean "not very good") golfer trying to push his game to a higher level. The course's location near the airport is also a positive, making it easily accessible. Pebble Beach it's not, but it is a quirky (ever teed off with Delta jets swooping in for landings overhead?) and quick course worth hitting up a couple of times each summer.

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The Fort, an experience like no other.


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