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BEST PLACE TO BUY USED VIDEO GAMES Minneapolis 2010 - GameStop


7775 Main St.

Maple Grove, MN 55369


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Oh sure, Gamestop is pretty corporate—the chain dominates the landscape from coast to coast—but for a video gamer looking for a deal, it's the best bet in town. With a location in seemingly every burg in the area, one is never far away. For folks who have upgraded to the 360/PS3/Wii stage, even new games—sometimes just a week or two past their release date—can be found on the shelves for, at the very least, a small discount on a new price. The real fun comes when you want to dig a little deeper. Now that the current generation has matured a bit, hot games from the past couple of years can be found for a song, sometimes for less than $10. And last-generation fans of, say, the Playstation 2 (or those who haven't bothered with the newfangled software) can spend a few bucks and finally get around to playing Grand Theft Auto III.

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