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BEST MIDNIGHT MOVIE Minneapolis 2010 - The Room at Uptown Theatre

If you haven't enjoyed the midnight-movie madness in town, we've got one film you can't miss seeing with a live audience. The Room is a 2003 independent masterpiece written and directed by its main actor, Tommy Wiseau. When we say "masterpiece," we really mean the worst movie ever created, which makes it the most entertaining and hilarious movie to see at a midnight showing. If you haven't seen the film, lose your Room virginity at the Uptown Theatre's monthly weekend showings. If you have seen it, you'll appreciate the horrific acting, stupefying writing, and god-awful sex scenes even more with an experienced crowd so obsessed they can recite full passages and call out Wiseau for all his cinematic mistakes. The Room has become a cult sensation in other major cities, so expect full mania here in no time. Don't forget to bring your plastic spoons.
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dammit xP I missed last Fridays showing. So, is this a monthly thing? Every last Friday of the month perhaps? I've wanted to see the room with an audience for a very long time but never received the opportunity.


Much of the decor in the titular "Room" is made up of... framed pictures of spoons. When they show up in a scene, the audience shouts "SPOOOOOOOOON" and flings them at the screen.

Oh, and "The Room" is a better midnight movie than "Rocky Horror." The "Rocky" audience participation hasn't changed in 30 years, while "The Room" is all about freestyling.


Okay I'm not one of the cool kids, I've seen clips of the movie and get the whole "so very bad it's very good" angle. But what is up with the spoons? The videos of late night showings make it look like people are trying to make this movie another Rocky Horror or something. That being said I have no plastic spoons, will metal work?

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