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BEST KARAOKE Minneapolis 2010 - Cloggy's Tavern - CLOSED

Cloggy\'s Tavern

Cloggy's Tavern

5404 34th Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55417


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We know what you're thinking: Where? That's exactly the point. At some of the more popular karaoke bars you're lucky if you get to sing a single song all night. After 9 p.m., chances are you won't be singing at all. For karaoke fanatics, that's a major bummer. But at Cloggy's you will be serenading the pool table and the people walking to the bathroom behind you as much as you want. Like most karaoke bars, it's a little weird. Most nights the place is populated with neighbors playing pool badly, friendly singers, and old drunks who will hit on ladies trying to order beer. Another bonus: Each time you sing, your name is put into a pool for a free pitcher. If your group is big enough, you'll be drinking your 3.2 brew for free most of the night.

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Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder

So my friends and I went to check this place out last night based on City Page's recommendation and it appears they have closed. Just thought you should know.


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