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BEST HOT DOG Minneapolis 2010 - Italian Veggie Dog from the Wienery

Italian Veggie Dog from the Wienery

Italian Veggie Dog from the Wienery

414 Cedar Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55454


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When it comes to hot dogs, the Wienery is the best in the Twin Cities—worth a visit for its sheer variety in both franks and toppings. This year we single out the Italian Veggie Dog as the best hot dog in the city—especially when topped off to become the "Briny Dog"—with jalapeños, pickled carrots, kraut, and crisp, crunchy pickles. The Briny's got just the right amount of spice, enough to keep the mouth and lips kicking, but not painfully aflame, 30 minutes after it goes down. Purists and cavemen may scoff, but the Italian Veggie is a fine, fine dog: plump, flavorful, and sufficiently juicy. Meatheads, have no fear: The Wienery still has plenty of burst-in-your mouth franks to satisfy the carnivore within. And meat or no, the French fries are a great complement. Thick potato wedges are drenched in just the right amount of salt and oil, amazing plain or with cheese or chili.

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Be wary of this place, the dogs are good but everything else if bad. If you buy cheesy french fried they come with grated grocery store cheese on top of them. 2/5 *


Was featured on Drive-ins, Diners & Dives on the food channel.They only take cash.


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