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BEST HAIRCUT Minneapolis 2010 - Moxie



2649 S. Lyndale Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55408


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Readers' Choice: Moxie

Inside either Moxie location it is not unusual to see a client getting a mohawk shaped into shark-fin perfection sitting next to a businesswoman getting her neatly cut layers blown out straight and glossy as silk, while in the next chair over a slick boy with jeans, cowboy shirt, and wallet chain gets a not-too-long, not-too-short man-style. Whichever way you roll, Moxie owner Stephan Adams and his talented crew have your back. As Adams bounds from chair to chair, wielding his scissors or hairdryer, he is a flash of motion, like a haircutting superhero. His demeanor is friendly and gregarious, making hanging out with him while you get your hair cut half the fun. Most important, he listens to his clients and understands what they want. He will not try to talk you out of a haircut because it is too wild or conservative, but he might try to talk you out of one that will make you look totally fug—and he is always right. From the moment you walk in the door and sit down with a magazine and a cup of tea, to the time you step back out onto the city street transformed into a perfectly coiffed version of yourself, you feel pampered. Adams and his staff clearly love their art—the art of making us all look a little better.

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I started going to the Midway location due to the excellent reviews on here, after my second cut with them i realized i was the (not-so) proud owner of "layers" in my previously one length straight long blond hair. I had such a long conversation with the stylist before hand stating my abhorrence of layers that i was shocked to discover these a week later. Why did it take me 9 days to discover? Because my hair was acting weird the entire previous week, which i figured was due to not the greatest hair cut (but not the worst either) and so it was consigned to a pony tail for the week. Then one of my coworkers asks me when i decided to add layers to my hair, i promptly combed it out and discovered them, which were not even done well BTW and called Moxie. Moxie informs me that i would have to pay to have it re-done since it has exceeded their 7 days policy, i ask her to speak to my stylist since i was sure that the stylist would have realized her mistake and agree to fix it, she comes back and re-iterates the policy. I would have to pay more money to fix what i have now realized is one of the worst hair cuts i have had. I ask to speak to a manager, none is available for the day (and this is the first hour of the shift) and the website does not list contact info for anyone in management. Needless to say, not likely going back to Moxie and definitely not the best haircut in the Twin Cities.