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BEST ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT Minneapolis 2010 - Fasika



510 Snelling Ave. N.

St. Paul, MN 55104


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"Dry or wet?" the server at Fasika asked us as we ordered a plate of the marinated beef ribs. We wanted 'em juicy, of course, so the spicy sauce on those fatty meat nubs would soak right in to the spongy injera bread. The ambiance at this longtime Ethiopian eatery is as eclectic as it is low-key: Its chartreuse walls are covered with religious iconography (Fasika is the word for Easter in Amharic), and fake flowers are displayed on tabletops covered with plastic, the way Queens's prosperous immigrant families put slipcovers on their sofas. Service is relaxed and kind. Once, when a regular expressed interest in the music being played, the waitress offered to lend him the CD. The vegetarian plate is one of Fasika's best dishes. It comes on a platter nearly two feet wide and could easily feed two people. Several types of lentils—from the sweet, mushy golden ones to the firm, light-green pebbles served cold, with salad fixings—paint the legume in a flattering light. You might also find scoops of tender, braised greens, boiled beets, chickpea balls, curried potatoes, cabbage, carrots, or lettuce strips with Italian dressing. And of course, enough extra injera to swaddle a baby.

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I live in the area and have been avoiding many of the restaurants in the midway because they looked a bit seedy. Fasika may look iffy on the outside but it suprised me. Even though the menu isn't very varied and the prices are spendy you get good food and alot of it. When I accedentlay ordered something I didn't like but didn't say anything about it the wait staff saw my hesitancy in bringing it home and they automaically made me a different meal in a to-go box for me to take home!


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