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BEST DIVE BAR Minneapolis 2010 - The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon

2116 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55405


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When selecting a dive bar for an evening of debauchery, several criteria must be met. First, you want sketchy decor. Second, you want to be surrounded by interesting characters. Third, you want to get ripped for cheap. The Red Dragon gets a gold star for all three. The ambiance is seedy, but not overwhelmingly so. The interior is a pleasant cross between an opium den and a pizza joint from the '80s. The outside is white concrete. By the doorway you will find drunken smokers chatting with people on their way to the liquor store, the gas station, or the bus stop. Inside, you will discover friendly barhoppers putting quarters in the jukebox for songs they will never hear. It doesn't matter anyway; they're going to sing along to whatever tune comes on. The drinks are insane. For $6 to $8 you can order a cocktail that will have you crawling home in less than an hour.

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John Fellows
John Fellows

Huh, I thought this place went out of business after the murder last summer. Good to see they're still around!


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