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BEST CLOTHING STORE (WOMEN) Minneapolis 2010 - Opitz Outlet

Opitz Outlet

Opitz Outlet

4320 Excelsior Blvd.

Minneapolis, MN 55416


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Readers' Choice: Cliché

Here's a true-life example of how you can spend $100 on an entire bag of clothing at Opitz that would have otherwise cost $1,500 retail: an unbelievably supple $600 MARC NY leather jacket for $50, a $115 sequined hoodie (don't judge) for $11.50, a pair of olive leather boots for $10, and a little black Versace dress complete with serial numbers for $30. Opitz offers deal-seeking fashionistas that special shopping high of 70 to 90 percent off every day, something department stores stingily set up just once a quarter. The best time to go is Wednesday mornings, when you'll get first pick of all the new merchandise arriving from top-secret locations across the country. Opitz promptly funnels the gems into its main location on Excelsior and the flawed but still loveable items into the Annex next door. Of course, this otherwise incredible hotspot does have a few downsides, including a competitive, less-than-glamorous shopping environment. But grow a thicker skin in the name of fashion and your closet and wallet will know no bounds—trust us.

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