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BEST CLOTHING STORE (KIDS) Minneapolis 2010 - Savers



4849 Central Ave. NE

Columbia Heights, MN 55421


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Expeditions to Savers in 2009 yielded such treasures as a Carmelo Anthony Nuggets jersey in a boys' size, dELiAs T-shirts in girl tween proportions, and some ass-kicking cowboy boots for the adult in attendance. None of the kids' items topped five bucks, which means you can clothe the moppets in style while avoiding empty-wallet syndrome (and the related homicidal impulses when the offspring stuff expensive clothes deep into their dressers, never to be worn again). Savers is classic thrift shopping, and for kids it just makes sense: Nothing calls attention to squishy parental boundaries, after all, more than a kid wearing high-priced department-store duds. Let them know early that style comes from inside, baby, and the cool rags we don are little more than an extension.

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Interested buyers beware: Savers has an abnormally unclean processing area/plan for the clothes on their sales floor. As a previous employee for them, I have seen things in their production room that not only made me quit, but let my friends know.

Of course the clothes aren't cleaned (who would expect that from a thrift store based on donations), but in the store I worked at, excessive dust, bugs, animal dander, mold (and worse) were not considered when putting the products on the floor for sale when there was quotas we had to make up for.

I understand we are all on a budget, so I am not saying not to shop here. Prices may be great, but please take a small piece of advice and make sure to keep your kids safe and healthy by cleaning everything from this store *before* your kids even try them on.


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