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BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT Minneapolis 2010 - Szechuan



2193 N. Snelling Ave.

Roseville, MN 55113


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Szechuan is currently the hottest thing going in Chinese food, weaning Twin Citians off their taste for Leeann Chin and turning them on to something more authentic. Szechuan in Roseville does smart work with all the cuisine's staples: snapping, soy-slicked Szechuan green beans, Dan Dan noodles doused in a fiery sauce (think pad Thai with more pluck), and Chung King chicken, those tasty soy-garlic marinated nuggets that are kicked up a notch with the toasty heat of dried chiles. And don't forget to experience the numbing buzz of Szechuan peppercorns by ordering a dish like the silky Ma Pa Tofu, which leaves the lips with a lingering tingle. As a bonus, Szechuan also has the bases covered on better-known Mandarin and Cantonese dishes, including Peking duck, a grand, labor-intensive dish that restaurants rarely have the wherewithal to offer. For $30, a whole duck comes split in half, skin glossy and crackling in delightful contrast to the tender flesh. Wrap the meat in a paper-thin pancake, garnish with cucumber, scallion, and plum sauce, and be sure to bring plenty of friends.

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I'm really surprised that this restaurant was picked We did have a Groupon for this restaurant, so we actually were not out too much money. With that said, we've NEVER had such horrible food! We went to this place with the intent of having a great, spicy meal. We ordered the szechuan chicken and pork egg roll. The egg roll was nothing special, certainly not spicy and was served with sweet and sour, gloppy sauce. The entree appeared and at first glance, I thought it was squid mixed with some great looking broccoli. I noticed the clear glaze sauce on top and wondered about the taste immediately. It wasn't spicy, in fact the chicken was so bland, a toddler could have eaten it! I took one bite and spit it out, then another and then another, both times spitting it out. The chicken was so under-cooked, that is why it appeared to resemble squid, in my opinion. I could not eat it at all! My husband tried some and we ended up leaving 3/4 of the dish and when asked if we wanted a box to take home the extra, we declined. An awful dish and we most likely will never return! We ordered the dish we did because we've had szechuan chicken dishes at other restaurants and it was marvelous, usually with a crispy outer crust to the chicken, not this one!

Kristina E. Proctor
Kristina E. Proctor

This is my favorite place to go locally (for me) when I'm craving Chinese food. Lunch specials are decent and pretty fast. I'd reccomend this place for people on a budget and those that want some nice food too.


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