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BEST BOUTIQUE Minneapolis 2010 - Picky Girl

Picky Girl

Picky Girl

949 Grand Ave.

St. Paul, MN 55105


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The name says it all. Picky Girl is the perfect boutique for the fashion-conscious woman in her 20s or 30s who likes looking stylish but not like a hipster, and who finds mainstream chain stores a little too boring for her creative self. Picky Girl has an East Coast feel, hitting that sweet spot between trendy and classic. Pieces are of-the-moment but not so far out that they'll look silly two years from now. The shop offers clothes for nights on the town or days in creative offices: flattering, stretchy tanks and tops from Brazilian maker Scala, premium denim from Fidelity, cute tops from Left on Houston and Kensie. Owner Elizabeth Varghese moved her store from Hamline and Grand last year and says that smaller sizes tend to jump off the racks at the store's new digs. She updates her Facebook page when new merchandise comes in and is knowledgeable about the clothing—including which celebrities are wearing her brands.

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This shop sounds like what my girlfriend might enjoy. She is tired of shopping at the mainstream fashion outlets, but does not want to look too much like a hipster with wierd fashion choices. I think it is important that the owner of the boutique be knowledgeable about the fashion trends nowadays. I guess that is one reason for her success.

judy kelp
judy kelp

Can I purchase Picky Girl items on line? How can I see them? Judy Kelp


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