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BEST BIKE SHOP Minneapolis 2010 - Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike

1812 S. 6th St. Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN 55454


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Readers' Choice: Erik's Bike Shop

Few places in America can make the average person feel more uncomfortable than bicycle shops. Slung over the register are emaciated men with shaved legs, tattooed and surly, discussing their recent transition to friction-shifting. They scoff if a customer has never heard of a barrel adjuster or doesn't know that Aero-spokes are sooo 2008. Thankfully, the good people at Freewheel are humble, kind, and patient. They'll gladly show a newbie how to patch a flat tire as easily as they'll help a racer on the pro circuit find the perfect cycling position. They sell Trek, Gary Fisher, Scott, and Salsa brands, and their West Bank store has the best collection of helmets in the Twin Cities, from Bell's Citi commuter helmets to Giro's Ionos, the headgear that keeps Lance Armstrong safe on the Tour. For patrons on the Greenway, their Midtown shop provides a cycling oasis of energy bars, espresso shots, pumps, and friendly route planning for everyone, even if your cranks aren't NJS approved.

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