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BEST BEACH Minneapolis 2010 - Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach

2640 Franklin Ave. W.

Minneapolis, MN 55405


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The word is out, and has been for some time. Hidden Beach, once a counterculture oasis where one could smoke/toke/joke the day away, barely lives up to its name anymore. But so what? The not-so-eponymous, secluded waterfront on Cedar Lake's northeast side, more than any other lakeshore in the Twin Cities, functions exactly as a beach should: a place to chill, both literally and figuratively. Here you'll find fewer shirtless, muscle-bound Frisbee-fanatics than you will, say, drum circles and bookworms. The demographics have changed a bit in recent years—these days, young families seem to outnumber the aging hippies. But the vibe remains. Thank god the vibe remains.

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