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BEST BAND TO BREAK UP IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS Minneapolis 2010 - The Wars of 1812

When the Wars of 1812 played their final gig at the Cedar last November, it wasn't just sad—it was downright unjust. The band was still in the mixing process of finishing a new album at the time they disbanded, and though the record has yet to be released (it was recorded with Justin Vernon last year and, as of press time, has yet to see the light of day), the quartet played the whole thing start to finish at their farewell show, and the result was eerily awe-inspiring and sickeningly bittersweet. Though lead singer Peter Pisano has already gone on to create a healthy dose of buzz for himself in his new project, Peter Wolf Crier, it's disappointing to think of all the unmined potential and agitated yet inspired chemistry that was cast aside when his previous band parted ways. Pisano's ear for melody and knack for songwriting are sure to carry him far in his new project, but his contributions only made up a part of the Wars' refined, harmony-driven vintage pop sound. Here's hoping the rest of the band can find outlets for their talent as promising as Pisano's—or at least that they can work together long enough to get that final album out before their legacy dissipates.

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It would be an absolute travesty if this album never sees the light of day. The first album is still in semi-regular rotation for me, and the songs from their new album they played in concert before breaking up were stellar. I'd buy it.


Bobby Maher (drums) founded Rest + Noise records with Ryan Potts and put out discs from Northern Howl and Potts' own project Aquarelle last year. Rest + Noise will be putting out the new Zoo Animal disc in May and Kenyon Rosewall (keys) has been producing as well as put together a series of animated shorts called "Hey! Bear". So the kids are probably gonna be alright.