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Best Villain Minneapolis 2009 - Michele Bachmann

Readers' Choice: Gov. Tim Pawlenty

The greatest villains are fun to hate and keep giving you new reasons to hate them. This is why Michele Bachmann, the great shame of the North Star State, is our best villain. We knew she was weird as far back as 2006 when she proclaimed herself "hot" for God and a "fool for Christ." But in the last year she has truly gone off the ideological deep end. During the 2008 campaign she called for a McCarthyesque investigation into which members of Congress were "anti-American," and earlier this year she broke out some Stillwater-style ebonics to praise GOP Chairman Michael Steele with "You be da man!" What Bachmann offers that other offensive and troubled public figures don't is the great guessing game about what's going to come out of her mouth next. But can she keep topping herself? It's almost worth re-electing her just to find out.

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Olivia G.
Olivia G.

This one is bound to attract the weirdos.

For the record, I disagree with Megan (above) and I am also a resident of MN-06. It's a twofold thing: 1) Rep. Bachmann has made clear lies to the media, and 2) she continues to propogate those lies by constantly jockeying for a pundit role via the national media.

If she would actually DO ONE THING for her district (i.e., support the reconstruction of the Hwy 23 bridge in St. Cloud), I might be able to look past her theocratic tendencies. But she won't, and I'll continue to shake my head at the fact that she's "representing" me in Congress.

Megan Rooney
Megan Rooney

I just wrote a comment to you and told you that you are a fool. Then I realized that you might just be ignorant. The Bible talks about being a fool for Christ and Michelle was just quoting Scriptures. You might like to read 1 Corinthians.

Megan Rooney
Megan Rooney

I am very happy with Michelle Bachman actions and the fact that she cares enough to be her very best for her constituents. I believe that Michelle is the best representative out there and am honored that she is CD 6�s as well as MY representative. Too bad more that there aren�t more like her. You may call her a fool for Christ; but for most Christians it is an honorable title. She may be a fool for Christ; however you�re a fool.