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Best Thai Restaurant Minneapolis 2009 - Bangkok Thai

Bangkok Thai

Bangkok Thai

315 University Ave. W.

St. Paul, MN 55103


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Readers' Choice: True Thai

If you're tired of Twin Cities Thai restaurants that seem a little too tailored to American tastes—milquetoast curries and fruity cocktails priced to offset the costs of high-end lighting and stereo systems—you'll appreciate the no-frills authenticity of Bangkok Thai. Located inside an Asian supermarket on University Avenue, the place could just as well be in Thailand, if they cranked up the thermostat. Bangkok's mostly Asian clientele sit at tables covered with red-and-white checked cloths and watch Thai music videos as they wait for their generous, affordably priced meals. The place has friendly service and a real mom-and-pop feel (once we saw a baby's bottle chilling in the cooler alongside fresh coconuts and those fluorescent-colored gummy squiggles that are spooned into milky desserts). Bangkok accommodates those looking for a familiar pad Thai and standout green curry with deep, biting flavors and a nuanced heat. (If you don't like spiciness, beware—a heat-seeking missile launched at the Twin Cities would probably head straight for Bangkok's kitchen.) But there are also many lesser-seen items, such as the improbable boneless stuffed chicken wings that taste like deep-fried, breaded egg rolls. So grab some napkins and start exploring.

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The above address is incorrect. Bangkok Thai is Located at 315 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55103. Otherwise I agree with everything in the review!!! Try their Spicy Noodle...It's the best!!!