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Best Seafood Restaurant Minneapolis 2009 - Sea Salt Eatery

Sea Salt Eatery

Sea Salt Eatery

4825 Minnehaha Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55417


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In coastal country, boiling up big batches of sea creatures out on the beach is part of the culture: Louisiana has its crawfish, Maine its lobsters, and Maryland its crabs, for starters. New Englanders gather in large groups to bake clams or shuck oysters and tip back a beverage or two. This leads us to believe that one of the best things about eating seafood is the sociability—finding companionship among crustaceans and mollusks, if you will. In landlocked Minnesota, we're creating our own customs out on the patio at Sea Salt Eatery in Minnehaha Park. That means we put ourselves in the hands of two seafood fanatics and stuff ourselves with grilled fish tacos, plump crab cakes, or spicy crawfish po' boys. We wash down a half-dozen oysters with a pitcher of Summit. And we hope to get our hands on one of those specials—chowder, ceviche, or jambalaya—that we've been waiting for all winter. Sure, Door County, Wisconsin's flaming fish kettles may look flashier, but their contents can't compete with this.

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