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Best Radio Station Minneapolis 2009 - Minnesota Public Radio, KNOW 91.1 FM

Minnesota Public Radio, KNOW 91.1 FM

480 Cedar St.

St. Paul, MN 55101


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Readers' Choice: 89.3 the Current
It was 16th-century philosopher Francis Bacon who first declared that knowledge is power. And though it's now a cliché, it's still true. No other radio station (and possibly no other media outlet) empowers listeners more than Minnesota Public Radio. With a crack (if pared down) squad of reporters covering local issues professionally and thoroughly, and the indispensable resource of National Public Radio programming, no other station provides better news and entertainment to the Twin Cities. When news breaks, MPR's team relentlessly tracks down the stories and sources on the scene for hourly news updates. Their peerless combination of current-events coverage and interview-centered programs (Kerri Miller's Midmorning, Gary Eichten's Midday), NPR's sterling stable of programs (All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation), and a handful of music shows (such as American Roots) make KNOW the Twin Cities' peerless source for useful information and entertainment.
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I agree with Mark (although KFAI does do underwriting, which are ADs in my opinion). City Pages went like ten years in a row naming KFAI the Best Radio Station. I wonder if this is the result of budget cuts and staff shifting.

Mark Davis
Mark Davis

I am sorry City Pages choice of 91.1 FM as best radio station misses the mark! We don't need a station from the Kling(on) Empire, we need a station that represents the diverse communities that reside in the metro area and a station that provides a progressive news and analysis. There is only one station that meets this criteria, that station is KFAI, 90.3 & 106.7. The little station that could is now powered by 900 watts, is at least partially digital, and is a non-commercial, community based & supported people powered radio station. And here's an interesting side light to readers, KSJN and Kling(on) Empire opposed the original FCC license of KFAI because they felt that KFAI's signal would interfere with one of their translating signals. Sorry, in these times we need a radio station that really represents the people, not a corporate or public corporate media giant. ZSUJ