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Best Nerd Summit Minneapolis 2009 - CONvergence


1121 Jackson St. NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

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There are quite a few places where Twin Cities nerds can feel truly at home. Gaming stores, role-playing groups, and comic and anime conventions populate the metro area. But when it comes time to summon all the Minnesota minions of geekiness for one giant party, there's only one sure bet in town: CONvergence. For a weekend, sci-fi and fantasy aficionados of every stripe descend on the Sheraton Bloomington (July 2-5 this year), clad in costumes from Klingon to stormtrooper to nymphettes from every obscure anime under the sun. With constant film screenings, a costume contest and masquerade, a contingent of high-powered special guests, and vendors galore, there's far more offered than can be described here. Instead, let us only assure you that for a nerd in Minnesota, there's no better event all year.

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