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Best Local Website Minneapolis 2009 - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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You don't have to hunt or fish to appreciate the DNR's vast and superbly organized website—if you enjoy anything about the outdoors you'll find something of interest here. The site has information on everything from hiking to fossil hunting and geocaching to bird watching. It's also a free education in the natural sciences: the state's geology, a weather almanac, animal facts, and much more. You can plan your next trip to a state park, identify wildflowers, or follow the progress of fall colors. But the best part of the site is exploring its odd nooks and crannies. With a few random clicks, you can find yourself engrossed in the habits of the mink frog, captivated by aerial photos of Minnesota from the 1930s, or immersed in natural-resource trivia (did you know the biggest white spruce tree in the country is near Littlefork, Minnesota?). Next time you're trapped in an office on a beautiful summer day, take a hike to the DNR's website for a little online hunting and fishing.

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absolutely dead on with this one. the website also provides the most accessible and abundant natural resource database in probably the country. and the all the data is free. great local resource for the recreational user and incredible resource for local businesses/organizations in their research endeavors.


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