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Best Literary Magazine Minneapolis 2009 - Knockout

"Poetry should have a punch," writes Marvin Bell in the inaugural poem of the inaugural issue of Knockout, a new literary magazine from the Twin Cities. "It should jab, it should undercut/clinch in the corners, and consider in hard times a head butt." Fittingly, in its first two issues, Knockout's pages have been peppered by some heavy-hitting contributors, including Robert Bly, Billy Collins, Melissa Kwasny, and Louis Jenkins. It's not just the title-bout writers that make Knockout so extraordinary, though. Co-founders Jeremy Halinen and Brett Ortler have focused on developing a long reach, culling writers from the GLBT community and up-and-coming poets, and spreading awareness of international poetry by featuring translations in every issue. It's drawn from a large talent pool, and no message or creed dominates. "We don't really have a well-defined aesthetic slant," says Ortler. "We just want to include fine work from as many writing styles as possible." Significant portions of the proceeds go to charity, with funds from the first issue benefiting the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation to help those affected by the civil war in Sudan.
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Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale

This past Saturday night.I went to a comedy club.Thought I would open up after so many days of isolation.The kicker was when I saw a couple of friends that I knew.From high school days.They both ignored me.Like I was nothing.

Then as Father Guido Sarducci was getting into his act.I got reaaly excitedIt was very nostalgic for me.Many had thought I was a hecker.The sincere pain of regret.

Having gained a lot of weight since high school.Furthermore, I'm not attending my class reunion.Any other party.henceforth for that matter.Deep down inside I have much courage.Although only tainted by lies.

Does this all come as a big surprise ?

Although tainted by other peoples lies.We all like to hide behind a thick disguise.Longing to be nurtured.Just to have a little bit of love.

Perhaps sent by an angel from above.Just a will of power.Nothing More !Thank you for understanding.

Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale

In a day in age that were living in.It is good to know.That we can count on outlets such as City Pages.You provide the average citizen with a voice to be heard.I have been writing poetry since 1989.My aspirations are the free verse style of writing.A salute to greats such as John Ashberry and Linda Gluck.Also I respect Mark Strand for his accomplishments in writing.Thank You.Mario William Vitale


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