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Best FM Radio Personality Minneapolis 2009 - Mark Wheat, 89.3 the Current

Readers' Choice: Mary Lucia
Let's get one thing straight right off: Mark Wheat's voice is a dream. Never have we wanted someone to read us bedtime stories more than him. The British expatriate delivers the English language in a hyper-nasal form of his own invention, complete with imaginatively placed commas, semicolons, and other pauses both alluring and enchanting. One can hear Wheat's passion for music. Keeping fans company from 7 p.m. till midnight, he intersperses the Current's indie-rock mainstays with local tunes from bands that are still scrabbling for stage time at the Hex or the Uptown Bar. The man clearly has a fire under his ass to find the best new stuff out there, and it's equally clear that no DJ in the Twin Cities has more love for music both local and worldwide than Mark Wheat.
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Betty Johanson
Betty Johanson

I'm with ya there.. I'm not giving the current a penny to pay that guy. I don't like that guy. He keeps talking about how the Current is radio free but he won't shut up and play music. The accent is totally overrated. Who cares. Just play the music.


Mark Wheat is hands-down the best DJ. Thank you, City Pages for finally recognizing this. Mary Lucia doesn't even choose her own playlists. Love ya, Mark!

Jarrod O'Connor
Jarrod O'Connor

Mark Wheat? Really? He's the sole reason why I won't give any of my money to The Current. He's a petty little radio tyrant who uses the airwaves as his on personal soapbox far too much for my liking. You'll never hear him play anything even remotely edgy during his airtime either. If he didn't have a English accent no one would give a damn about Mark Wheat. Next get a clue City Pages and give it to someone who's actually enjoyable to listen to like Mary Lucia. What a joke.

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