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Best Flower Shop Minneapolis 2009 - Minneapolis Floral Company

Minneapolis Floral Company

Minneapolis Floral Company

2420 Hennepin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55405


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Now that impersonal floral arrangements modeled after martinis and cupcakes are being hawked by internet warehouses at every light-rail station, it has become painfully clear that flowers, for many people, have crossed over into strange, sentimentally barren territory. Thank Chloris that for every person who abuses, there is another who harbors romantic dreams of a career in floristry or budgets to allow fresh hydrangeas on her dining room table once a week. These are undoubtedly the folks who patronize Minneapolis Floral, a retail shop and greenhouse that has been reminding us since 1902 how extraordinary, and emotional, foliage can be. The affable, educated staff in this quaint antique space can arrange in ways subdued or dramatic, for events as intimate as a marriage proposal or as large as a wedding ceremony for 300, and for anywhere in the metro area (or the world, if you order online). Either way, this Uptown gem always makes sure its customers are cared for—and well versed in the pleasures of season's-best botany.

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shop flowers

Great post! I never miss the chance to pop into my local shop for all of the fragrance and freshness, but I'd have to venture that when I shop flowers at 3:00 a.m., online might be the only place to satisfy my impulse buy. Thanks!


being... Minneapolis' best could not keep them in business -- seems they have fallen to our slow economy... Aug 01, they will cease to exist


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